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Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease With The Power Of Lifestyle Medicine- - Steven Lome, MD

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Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease With The Power Of Lifestyle Medicine-  - Steven Lome, MD


Steven Lome 





00:00:17 Nearly 100% Of Heart Disease Is Preventable

00:10:03 Why Are We Spending All This Money, But We're Not Living Long?

00:19:54 We Continuously Injure Our Arteries Through The Food We Eat

00:27:30 The Two Things People Really Need To Focus On For Heart Disease Prevention

00:39:21 The #1 Cause Of Death In The United States Is The American Diet

00:48:48 A Whole Food Plant Based Diet Is A Cure For Heart Disease

00:55:18 Why Is Eating Meat Linked To The Amazon Fires?

01:04:11 Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed For Someone Who's Eating Plant Based?

01:22:12 Should I Take A Statin If I Haven't Had A Heart Attack?

01:33:23 Don't Smoke, Eat Healthy, Exercise, And Protect Your Endothelium At All Costs

01:44:32 Find A Lifestyle Medicine Specialist And Listen To What They Have To Say 


Steven Lome is a doctor of osteopathic medicine, concentrating in Cardiovascular Disease and Lifestyle Medicine. He is currently the medical director at Montage Cardiology and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. Dr. Lome is the founder/author of, a free website to teach people the power of plant based diets and lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

Read Dr. Lome’s Forks Over Knives article detailing how he fell into two traps: The standard American Diet (SAD) and practicing standard western medicine ignoring diet and lifestyle. He successfully lost 100 pounds making many mistakes along the way. He now has a strong commitment to helping others overcome their unhealthy lifestyle habits seeing the power of lifestyle medicine personally and within his family. Hear his powerful story straight from Dr. Lome him during this interview on the Ian Cramer Podcast.

Dr. Lome holds board certifications in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiac CT, Nuclear Cardiology, Echocardiography, Vascular Medicine, he is a registered vascular technologist (R.V.T.) and a registered physicain in vascular interpretation (R.P.V.I.). As a member of the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Lome has stood along slide Dr. Neal Barnard helping to change legislation and policies to improve nutrition in America. He is the founder of the Chicagoland Plant Based Nutrition Movement and continues to show a never ending passion to fight chronic diseases with plants. Dr. Lome enjoys running, swimming and his family. His wife Helen is a dedicated plant based family physician and together they have 6 plant based children. To Contact Dr Steve Lome go to YouTube:

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