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Plastic And The Poisons It Carries Is Getting Through The Blood Brain Barrier Into All Of Our Brains

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Plastic And The Poisons It Carries Is Getting Through The Blood Brain Barrier Into All Of Our Brains


Stephanie Seneff, PhD 


• Book - The Glyphosate Effect


Jeffrey M. Smith 


• Book - Seeds of Deception


Andre Leu 

• contact: 

• Growing Life: Regenerating Farming and Ranching 


Julian Cribb 


• Book – Earth Detox (How and Why we Must Clean up Our Planet)


Ronnie Cummins 


• Book - Grassroots Rising


Joanna Malaczynski-Moore 

• http://www. 

• Book – Silent Winter


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Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and author of the recently published book; Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the Environment. Dr Seneff presents mounting evidence that the active ingredient in the world’s most commonly used weedkiller is contributing to skyrocketing rates of chronic disease. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, the most commonly used weedkiller in the world. Nearly 300 million pounds of glyphosate-based herbicide are sprayed on farms—and food—every year.  In 2012, Dr. Seneff was elected Fellow of the International Speech and Communication Association (ISCA).


To Contact Dr Stephanie Seneff go to


Jeffrey Smith delivers transformational communication on a global scale. A bestselling author, award-winning filmmaker, celebrated public speaker, and penetrating interviewer, his work has influenced the behavior and health of millions of people worldwide. The majority of Americans now understand that GMOs are unsafe, and the food industry is responding by removing them. Jeffrey is sought after as an inspirational keynote speaker and hosts the Live Healthy Be Well podcast.


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Andre Leu is the Author ofseveral books including his most recent; Growing Life: Regenerating Farming and Ranching. This book is about modern farming and ranching evolve away from mass consolidation and industrialization, a new strategy is rapidly emerging: regenerative agriculture. These new systems being implemented across the globe require a shift in the mindset of the land manager and operator, away from being primarily reliant on external inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, and toward dependence on knowledge, measurement and management.


You Can contact Andre Leu on Twitter and Linkedin


Julian Cribb is an Australian author and science communicator. He is a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, the Australian Academy of Technological Science (ATSE) and the Australian National University Emeritus Faculty. He is a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia (General Division) His published work includes over 9000 articles, 3000 science media releases and eight books.  He has received 32 awards for journalism.


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Ronnie Cummins is an author of the book; Grassroots Rising: A Call to Action on Climate, Farming, Food, and a Green New Deal and has spent over 50 years as a professional activist starting with anti-war activism . Grassroots Rising: A practical, shovel-ready plan for anyone wondering what they can do to help address the global climate crisis.


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Joanna Malaczynski-Moore is sustainability entrepreneur, consultant, advocate, attorney and acclaimed author to the book Silent Winter and upcoming book Another Way: Navigating toward positive change. Silent Winter Our Chemical World and Chronic Illness is about the silent spread of toxic chemicals in our daily lives and their role in the growing prevalence of illnesses such as cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, asthma digestive issues, depression, dementia, and others.


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